Take indications of an heart ailment seriously

Lucknow: Like other parts of the body, the effect of heart related diseases is also visible on the eyes. Symptoms visible in the eyes can also indicate whether there is a risk of heart attack or not. Like other organs, the blood supply to the retina of the eyes is disrupted. There is a risk of heart diseases due to high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol. Which can also be identified by these symptoms visible in the eyes.

Blurred vision
Due to high blood pressure and diabetes, there is a risk of damage to the blood vessels of the eyes. Due to which the eyes start seeing blurred. Due to reduced blood supply to the eyes, there is a lack of oxygen, which affects the eyesight. If you are experiencing chest pain along with blurred vision, it could be a symptom of a heart attack.

Blood clot in eye

Due to high blood pressure, sometimes blood clots form on the white part of the eyes. Due to which the retina gets damaged. This problem is called hypertensive retinopathy. Many times this eye problem causes headache.

Yellowness under the eyes

Many times yellowness appears in the skin under the eyes. If such symptoms are visible then it is very important to get a heart checkup done. Yellowness visible in the skin under the eyes is sometimes a symptom of heart attack.

Cataract problem

People who suffer from cataracts have more symptoms of heart attack. Many researches have revealed that the problem of cataract occurs due to heart disease.

Shrinkage of retina

Some people start getting damage to the retina due to heart disease. In such people, the retina starts drying up and there is a risk of losing eyesight.


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