Biden fears an Iran, Israel skirmish

Washington: US President Joe Biden issued a warning to Tehran, saying he anticipated Iran attacking Israel “sooner, rather than later.”   When asked what advice he would give Iran, Biden said succinctly, “Don’t,” underscoring Washington’s resolve to stand up for Israel. “We are committed to defending Israel. We’ll stand with Israel. Iran will not prevail, and we will assist in defending Israel,” he said. As fears of reprisals increased after an assault on Iran’s embassy complex in Damascus last week that resulted in the deaths of six additional officers and…

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Joe Biden, Donald Trump run neck and neck in U.S

Joe Biden, Donald Trump

Washington: Voters in four states considered their parties’ presidential nominees. It’s a huge symbolic vote, now that President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump have both locked up the Democratic and Republican nominations. Biden and Trump easily won primaries in Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York and Wisconsin, boosting the number of delegates to their party conventions this summer. While their victories are not surprising, they do indicate enthusiasm among base voters for an upcoming 2020 rematch that has left most Americans disappointed. With the victory of Biden and Trump,…

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