Sunny Leone set to unleash her acting prowess

Sunny Leone

Mumbai: Since her acting debut, Sunny Leone has never shied away from experimenting with roles that showcase her range as an actress. While she’s widely known for her work in Bollywood, she enjoys a fandom across the country like no other of her league, solidifying the actress’ status as the Pan India star. Her upcoming Tamil release ‘Quotation Gang’, which sees her sharing the screen space with Priyamani and Jackie Shroff, is yet another dive into her acting capabilities as the film is set to show  her embracing a never-seen-before avatar.

While Priyamani and Jackie Shroff have made a huge impact in people’s mind with their previous pan-Indian roles, audiences are looking forward to witness the magic Sunny is set to create with the two power-packed performers. In ‘Quotation Gang’, Sunny plays a calculating and ruthless character, which is a true-blue departure from her usual glamorous image. The role, which allowed Sunny Leone to showcase a darker and more complex side of her acting abilities, add a substantial depth and intrigue to the film’s narrative.


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