Sundarkand Maha Yagya in Naimisharanya soon


Naimisharanya: On behalf of Satya Sanatan Nari Shakti-Lakshmanpuri, once again five thousand women have pledged to perform Sundarkand Maha Yagya on 23rd June under the leadership of Sanatan flag bearer Sapna Goyal. This time this Maha Yagya will be held in the holy pilgrimage Naimisharanya.

This information was given by Sapna Goyal during the monthly seminar organized at Savitri Plaza of Bhootnath Market. Sanatan flag bearer Sapna Goyal told in the 15th seminar that just as a national level Sundarkand Maha Paath was organized at Jhulelal Ghat with five thousand women on March 10, in the same way, grand Sundarkand Paaths are being organized at various prestigious pilgrimages of the country.

According to Markandeya Purana, Naimisharanya has been the place of penance for 88000 sages. Now, a collective recitation of Sunderkand will be done there by five thousand Sanatani women with the hope of nation’s upliftment and global well being.


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