Sonu  Sood’s global  influence beckons

Mumbai: Actor Sonu Sood is very much liked in India. During the Corona epidemic, Sonu Sood extended a helping hand to the needy, after which even today he is trying to help all those who need him. For this reason, Sonu Sood is viewed with more respect in India than other Bollywood stars.

Meanwhile, now a news related to Sonu Sood is going viral on social media, in which it is being claimed that Sonu Sood has joined the list of the most influential personalities in the world. Names of many international stars are visible, including the names of Barack Obama and Angelina Jolie. Actor Sonu Sood has been included in the list of an international survey, which also features influential personalities like Barack Obama, Angelina Jolie, David Beckham and Emma Watson.


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