Small efforts by parents can help kids improve cursive writing

Lucknow: Seeing stress cloud your child’s face is not quite uncommon. At present, stress starts appearing on a child’s face only after one or two years of entering school. Many times the child starts looking for an excuse for not going to school. Sometimes he makes the excuse of illness or sometimes he expresses laziness.

Parents ignore these things of the children and forcefully send them to school. The reality is that if you see something like this in your child, then understand that the child is not interested in studies. You can see the signs of this fact from the handwriting of the child. If the child is concentrating on studies then he will also write with great concentration. Some child’s handwriting is very beautiful, while someone else’s handwriting is not even understandable.

Everyone wants beautiful handwriting, but due to basic mistakes, we are not able to improve our handwriting even if we try to improve it throughout our life. For this, parents need to pay attention to their children from the very beginning. Today we are going to tell the readers  some things with the help of which the poor handwriting of children can be improved.

Inculcate the habit of writing in children

To make handwriting beautiful and neat, make children practice writing from the very beginning. When a child starts going to play school, it is important to inculcate the habit of writing in him. Make children write one page daily. By doing this his handwriting will gradually improve.

Check the grip

Grip is often the main cause of poor handwriting. If the child is holding the pen or pencil with the thumb, middle finger and index finger then it is okay. Many times children hold the pen too tightly due to which the hands get tired and the writing starts getting spoiled. There is no need to keep the grip too tight. Handwriting also gets spoiled due to too much pressure on the paper. Pay attention to how much pressure the child is applying on the pen or pencil while writing. explain the letters

In the beginning, children have to be taught very carefully to understand the letters. For this reason, parents should explain letters properly to their children. Teach children to first write each letter of any word and then write the whole word together. This may take some time. During this, tell the child how much space should be left between two letters and two words. Just don’t rush at all. Parents can use white board and markers for school going children. Parents can make their child practice writing correctly daily by writing on the board.

Don’t pressurize kids for  homework

From school, children are given 5 to 6 words or letters to write for homework. Initially, children pay a lot of attention in writing, but even before half of the homework is finished, they get bored with it and in their haste to complete it, they spoil the writing. To change their habit and to improve their handwriting, make them do their homework in a playful way, for example, if they have to write a word, then show them a picture related to that word or ask them to write it through a game.

Check the height of the study table

If you want to improve the writing of children, then pay attention to their study table also. See if it is too high or low for the children. Remember, children should be given a study table of such height that after sitting on the chair, they can easily write by placing their elbows on the table. This will make a huge difference in their writing and the children will not feel any pain in their body after sitting on the chair.
understand the problem

If despite all efforts to improve the handwriting of the child, no difference is visible, then parents should try to find out the reason behind it. There can be many reasons behind a child’s poor writing, such as the child’s posture, not holding the pencil properly, any health condition such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. This is a behavioral disorder characterized by lack of attention and excessive activity, which causes Problems like anger and stubbornness are also seen in the child.


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