Shahbaz Sharif has big plans to turnaround things in Pakistan

Islamabad: Pakistan Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif, who is facing economic and security challenges,  pledged to change the economic situation of the country. He told government media that the five-year plan has been shared with all ministries.

According to a report by Radio Pakistan, Sharif shared a five-year plan with all the ministries during the cabinet meeting, in which targets have been set for them. Sharif took oath as prime minister for the second time earlier this month.

He stressed that ministries will have to formulate strategies to achieve these targets and the progress will be regularly reviewed. He said, we have to cut our expenses and take the country towards self-reliance.

Sharif expressed resolve for growth in various sectors such as agriculture and information technology. He expressed confidence that the Commerce Ministry will take necessary steps to double the country’s exports during the tenure of the present government.


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