Sangram Singh gears up for his MMA gig

Sangram Singh

New Delhi: In a major step in the Indian wrestling world, former Commonwealth heavyweight champion Sangram Singh is all set to enter the world of MMA. With this move, he has become the first male wrestler to take up MMA and the second Indian to compete as an MMA fighter.

With his illustrious career spanning almost 25 years in wrestling for India, Sangram is all set for his new step as an MMA fighter, a style that basically incorporates the skills possessed by wrestlers.

Speaking on his transition as an MMA fighter, Sangram told an agency, “MMA is the future, its growing popularity in the last few years speaks for itself. The sport has the largest viewership in India and I hope the fans of the sport will support me in the same way. Wrestling has given me a lot, including the love of the people of my country and I hope they continue to do the same in my new journey.

“It is an honour for me to represent India on the MMA world stage and hope to inspire the next generation of athletes who want to pursue a career as an MMA fighter.”

Sangram recently made a stir in the wrestling world by making a comeback after a gap of 6 years at the Dubai Pro Wrestling Championship and aims to continue his wrestling career along with MMA. Sangram’s comeback was successful. He proved his ability on the mat by defeating Pakistan’s Muhammad Saeed in an almost one-sided contest.

After this successful bout, it was natural to move to MMA as MMA is the next step towards the future and its popularity is increasing day by day. Mixed Martial Arts can be called one of the most difficult sports in the world. It is a mixture of many martial arts. Sangram’s extensive experience in wrestling will come in handy. Wrestling is the cornerstone of mixed martial arts, which emphasizes takedowns, control and ground-and-pound techniques.


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