Salman Khan invisible hand behind Arjun Kapoor: Boney Kapoor

Mumbai: It is said that the relationship between actors Arjun Kapoor and Salman Khan is no longer the same. This discussion has spread among the media as well as fans. However, producer-director Boney Kapoor has given credit to Salman Khan for making his son an actor. In a candid confession, Boney Kapoor admitted that the relationship between Salman and Arjun is not very good now. Boney Kapoor has also commented on this.

It is being said that, even father Boney Kapoor did not think that his son Arjun Kapoor could become an actor. In an interview given to the media, Boney Kapoor said that as for Arjun, even though I separated from Mona, I never thought that Arjun wanted to become an actor. Then Salman called me and told me that he was going to become an actor.

Boney said that Salman took the responsibility of Arjun and reduced his weight. As far as Arjun is concerned, I give credit to Salman. He also admitted that now the relationship between them is not as good as before, but Salman worked hard on Arjun. Boney Kapoor said that Salman is satisfied with Arjun’s role and fitness awareness.

In response to a question about whether  relationship with Salman was affected after the rift with Arjun, Boney said that there has been no change in their relationship. I still love them. There are very few people like him. Boney Kapoor also said that he is big hearted and respects me a lot and I love him.


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