RJD typifies Jungle Raj roars Narendra Modi

Purnia/Patna: Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Bihar for the third time for the first phase of the Lok Sabha elections. PM Modi spent almost three hours in Bihar. During this time, he initially went to Gaya and then urged people to vote for NDA-backed candidates in Purnia. The Prime Minister launched a series of aggressive attacks on the INDI alliance. The Prime Minister cornered the INDI alliance on the Constitution, corruption, Ram Mandir, and terrorism. He claimed at Purnia that the people of the arrogant alliance are ruining Sanatan.

The Prime Minister has warned that anyone who jeopardises the country’s security would face repercussions. These same folks oppose CAA for political reasons. Furthermore, while denouncing corruption, he mentioned Bihar. He replied you must have witnessed the period of jungle raj in Bihar. Bihar transformed under Nitish ji’s leadership. The people of Grand Alliance want Mahajungalraj to return to Bihar. This is impossible under Modi. I say eradicate corruption, but they say expand it.

The Prime Minister stated, “There will be more action against corruption in Bihar.” Modi stated that  Along with Bihar, we will not leave Seemanchal behind, he stated.

Addressing the public meeting, PM Modi stated that the rulers of Bihar used to shirk their duty by labelling Seemanchal as backward, but we have made the total development of Seemanchal and Purnia a priority. Prime Minister Narendra Modi stated, “Today, the deprived and exploited class is the NDA government’s top focus. Today we are worshipping the person no one has asked about.”

In his speech, the Prime Minister assured Seemanchal voters that the NDA government will not allow the state to fall behind the rest of the country, including Bihar. We are constantly working to further the growth of Seemanchal and will continue to do so in the future.



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