Red Fort comes alive invoking spirit of Drug Free India

New Delhi –A historic event marked the auspicious launch of the Nasha Mukt Bharat Pakhwada – 2024 at the historic Red Fort, a location steeped in the spirit of freedom and unity. This significant event saw an overwhelming turnout, with hundreds of enthusiastic participants gathered to support the cause of a drug-free India.

Under the leadership of Prime Minister  Narendra Modi, the Government of India is vigorously pursuing a policy of ‘Zero Tolerance’ against drugs. The  Union Home Minister  Amit Shah is committed to eliminating the drug problem and has repeatedly stressed and ordered to take the strongest possible measures for detection and demand/harm reduction. The same is being sincerely implemented by Delhi Police under the guidance of Commissioner of Police  Sanjay Arora.

The inauguration ceremony was a vibrant and engaging affair, setting the tone for the two-week-long campaign aimed at eradicating drug abuse and raising awareness across the nation. In alignment with the mission of Nasha
Mukt Bharat, a series of impactful events and activities have been planned, promising widespread community involvement and education.

Key highlights of the Pakhwada include:

• District-wise Awareness Campaigns: Mobilizing communities at the grassroots level to educate and inform youth about the dangers of drug abuse.

• Pantomime Shows: Creative and engaging performances designed to highlight the adverse effects of drug addiction.

• Delhi Police Band Performance: Special musical events to captivate and educate the public about drug abuse prevention.

• Mega E-pledge Events: Nationwide online pledge drives encouraging citizens to commit to a drug-free lifestyle.
• Painting Competition: During Pakhwada, the painting competition has already been started. The artwork must be exclusively created by the participant. Only handmade paintings are accepted. Submit your entries
either at office of Anti-Narcotics Task Force, Crime Branch Darya Ganj, Delhi or via the email of ANTF Crime Branch.

One of the standout events will be a Walkathon at India Gate on Sunday, 23rd June 2024, to be graced by the presence of the Worthy Commissioner of Police, Delhi. This event aims to bring together thousands of Delhi residents in a united front against drug abuse, promoting health, fitness, and community spirit. We warmly invite all Delhi residents to participate in this noble cause.

The prevalence of drug use among young people is more than twice as high as that among the general population. Peer pressure to experiment with illicit drugs can be strong, and self-esteem is often low. Also, those who take illicit drugs tend to be either misinformed or insufficiently aware of the health risks involved. Many people become depressed and lonely after taking drugs, and begin to feel ill. Drug addiction is becoming a problem of our
society day by day, which is important to overcome. Drug abuse is a serious problem that can have devastating consequences for individuals, families, and society. Addiction can cause a person’s physical, mental and economic problems and even cause death. Delhi Police is committed to fighting drug abuse and helping people battling drug addiction.


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