RCB’s Virat moment is not far away says Ambati Rayudu

Mumbai: Speaking exclusively on Star Sports Cricket Live, former Indian cricketer Ambati Rayudu talked about Virat Kohli and his contribution to RCB. He said, “It’s Virat’s energy, his intent, his hunger to win and to be successful. Today we have seen him actively talking to everybody, even before the game, even in between, even in the timeouts. And we saw it even when there was a delay because of the rain. We could see him talk and we could see him being involved. It’s just emotional, and I’m so happy for Virat. I’m very, very happy with how RCB have played this season. And I truly hope that they’ll go on to win this IPL as he deserves it. For someone who has played well for RCB over the years, who has always come out and done well, won the Orange Cap, the whole team rode on his shoulders for quite some time this season, especially in the initial part of the tournament.”

Speaking exclusively on Star Sports Cricket Live, former Australian cricketer Matthew Hayden spoke about Virat Kohli and the energy he brings to the field. He said, “What I’ve always found amazing about Virat is that the man never has to work another day in his life. He’s basically achieved everything that he could possibly achieve within the game. And I’ll extend that same comment to MS Dhoni as well. So what they have is this enormous love of our great game. I mean, with these two players in it, we celebrate cricket, we celebrate the IPL, and we celebrate the World Cups that they play and have played. And most of the time, it is because of their genius, in whatever way that is. We are looking at Virat Kohli celebrating his second-best season thus far. He could go well past his IPL 2016 performance in the kind of form that he’s in. So more than anything, I just think it’s the energy and the love of the game, the passion, the commitment for it all—all of those describing words that you can glorify this great man with, whether it be on the field or with bat in hand. He just loves it; it’s crazy. The thing is, he’s so committed. And he gives it to the crowd as well. There were a couple of moments where he was telling CSK fans to be quiet.”

Speaking exclusively to Star Sports Cricket Live, former Australian cricketer Matthew Hayden shared his thoughts on RCB’s comeback this season, saying, “It’s been really great to watch, actually, encouraging to watch. I’ve always felt a little sorry for RCB fans, if I’m being perfectly honest, because they’ve come so far only to see their team fall short time and again. This is the ninth time they’ve made it to the playoffs, and they’ve been bridesmaids several times. So, this might be the year. They seem to be a side that is extremely well-disciplined and consistent. Tonight’s match was almost perfect for RCB. It was lovely to see them walking around, parading as if it were a final. It’s not, this is just the playoffs qualifier. But this was the last game they’ll be playing this season at the Chinnaswamy Stadium. Deservedly so, the fans have turned up in numbers. They always do. It’s a great place to be involved in cricket: small ground, the music pumps, the red flags are waving. And surprisingly, today, there were a lot more of the red army than the yellow army, which has been an unheard-of chapter around the IPL circuit this year. It’s been the MS Dhoni campaign, but RCB has shown great spirit.”

Speaking exclusively to Star Sports Cricket Live, former Indian cricketer Ambati Rayudu shared his thoughts on CSK’s performance last night, saying, “Definitely disappointing, to say the least. Rachin’s run-out was crucial, especially considering he sacrificed his wicket when he was batting well. And especially in the last over, Yash Dayal came in and bowling such a fantastic over, being so brave in terms of bowling a slower ball to MS Dhoni. I think, overall, RCB played better cricket. They batted better, they bowled better, and they had better strategies. But I somehow feel CSK should have crossed 201. It’s quite disappointing.”


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