Rajnath Singh lay a unique development blueprint

Lucknow: Lucknow city has got relief from traffic jam due to the initiative of BJP candidate Rajnath Singh, who is contesting Lok Sabha elections for the third time from Lucknow. The promises he made to the public to free the city from traffic jam were fulfilled on time. Defence Minister Rajnath Singh, who reached Parliament after winning twice from Lucknow Lok Sabha seat, constructed 12 flyovers and underpasses at a cost of Rs 1573 crore.

Horrible traffic jam was the biggest challenge

With the development of Lucknow city, people had to face the problem of traffic jam due to increasing population. Ten years ago, there used to be terrible traffic jam at some intersections of the city. The traffic system became chaotic to remove the jam. Rajnath Singh, who came to contest Lok Sabha elections from Lucknow in 2014, first promised to solve the problem of traffic jam.

Rajnath Singh had the challenge of getting development work done to end the problem of traffic jam. Which  Singh accepted and then started the flyover construction work in Lucknow at a fast pace. Within ten years, 12 flyovers and underpasses were completed in the city. Flyover construction work is still pending at some places in the city, the outline of which has been prepared.

In the Lok Sabha elections 2024, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh is once again the BJP candidate from Lucknow seat. This time the construction of flyovers is an important issue in the election campaign. BJP workers campaigning among the public are counting the flyovers on their fingers and appealing for votes. A lot of money of Rajnath Singh’s MP fund and the central government has been spent in the construction work of these flyovers.

– Flyovers built in the city and their cost

Flyover from Shaheed Path to Airport cost 135 crores, bridge connecting Rahim Nagar and Mahanagar on Kukrail drain cost 23 crores, Malhaur Railway Crossing Underpass 56 crores, Utrethia Railway Station to Vrindavan Colony Flyover 108 crores, Bangla Bazaar Flyover 122 crores, IIM Flyover. 140 crores, Teedhi Pulia flyover costing 88 crores, Rajajipuram to RDSO flyover costing 13 crores, Haiderganj to Rajajipuram flyover 65 crores, Chowk flyover 110 crores, Lalkua flyover 133 crores and Kukrail flyover has been built at a cost of Rs 580 crores.


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