Prepare for that perfect monsoon hike in style

monsoon hike

Lucknow: Many people like to travel during the monsoon season. If you are also fond of traveling during the rainy season and are planning to go to Karnataka or Darjeeling for vacation, then before that you must check your travel kit. Your travel kit should contain items according to the rainy season, otherwise your entire fun of traveling can be spoiled. Here we are telling you the list of items that should be in your travel kit according to the monsoon season.

Waterproof bag

While traveling during the monsoon season, first of all keep in mind that pack your luggage in a waterproof bag. By doing this your clothes will not get wet due to rain. If you do not have a waterproof bag, then you can also take a waterproof cover for it, which is put on top of the bag during rain.

Plastic bag

You should also keep some plastic bags in your luggage, which you can use to keep phones, chargers, earphones etc. during rain. Apart from this, you can also keep the clothes wet in the rain in a plastic bag, so that the rest of the clothes kept in the bag do not get spoiled.

Umbrella and raincoat

Umbrella and raincoat are two such things that should always be in your bag during monsoon. If you get wet in the rain on vacation, then the fear of getting sick increases. In such a situation, with the help of raincoat and umbrella, you can protect yourself from getting wet in the rainy season.

Hair dryer

Be sure to keep a hair dryer in your travel kit during the monsoon season. Hair dryer will not only help in drying your wet hair but will also work to remove moisture from your clothes.

Medical kit

Before traveling in monsoon, pack necessary antibiotics, first aid kit, fever and pain medicine etc. in the medical kit on the advice of the doctor.


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