Peecee captures the essence of stripes

Mumbai: Priyanka Chopra, who has become a globally acclaimed star announced her next project ‘Tiger’ with its poster. Announcing the release date of ‘Tiger’ on her Instagram account, Priyanka shared how much fun it was to give voice to this incredible story and explore the jungles through the film. Priyanka expressed her feelings in a long note.

Priyanka wrote, ‘Tiger… a story that captures the wild and brings to the fore everything that happens within it – stories of love, struggle, hunger, survival and much more. In the bustling forests of India, where creatures big and small, timid and majestic, roam, there lives Amba – a tiger with a timeless legacy. She takes such loving care of her cubs that the beautiful bond between mother and child shines through brilliantly.

This film was shot for 8 years on this beautiful family. I had so much fun lending my voice to this incredible story and exploring the forests through this film. I can’t wait to enjoy the woods with all of you! ‘Tiger’ comes to you this Earth Day, April 22nd. @DisneyPlus #DisneyNature.”


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