Over 5,000 feeders in UP proposed for agricultural work


Lucknow: Committed to bolstering the income of the farmers in the state, the Yogi government is providing 10 hours of free electricity for agricultural work through 2735 feeders, with plans to surpass 5,000 feeders soon. Notably, 14.21 lakh farmers having tubewells are currently benefiting from free electricity facility provided by the UP government.

It is noteworthy that farmers, considered the backbone of the economy, remain a top priority for Yogi Adityanath, who held a cabinet meeting in March this year wherein a proposal for free electricity for irrigation and agricultural work via tube wells was approved.

Furthermore, the state government allocated Rs 1100 crore in the budget for free irrigation. Consequently, from April onwards, farmers have been receiving free irrigation facilities, marking a significant step in supporting the agricultural sector.

In Uttar Pradesh, there are a total of 23,226 electricity feeders. It is proposed to separate over 5,433 of these feeders for agricultural purposes. Currently, 2,735 feeders have already been designated for agriculture, providing farmers with 10 hours of free electricity for irrigation and other farming activities. The remaining 20,491 feeders continue to supply electricity around the clock without separation.

Notably, even during the scorching heat, 24-hour electricity supply was ensured in both rural and urban areas of UP. All 75 districts were provided with an equal electricity supply, keeping citizens fully equipped with the necessary facilities. Additionally, besides ensuring regular electricity for the general public, the Yogi government is providing farmers with 10 hours of electricity for agricultural activities.

Chairman of Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation Limited Ashish Kumar Goel said that in line with the government’s intention, 24-hour electricity supply has been ensured across the state despite the extreme heat. Following this, the scheme initiated by CM Yogi for the welfare of farmers is also being prioritized.

Through continuous monitoring, farmers are being provided with 10 hours of free electricity for irrigation and other agricultural activities. The state government’s target for agricultural feeders will be achieved within the stipulated time.


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