Obesity can be life threatening – Dr. Sanjay Patoliya


Lucknow: Bariatric Surgery is about more than just looking good, it is about keeping health issues under check. The Department of Bariatric Surgery at Health City, organized a camp which was led by Dr. Sanjay Patoliya and Dr. KB Jain, both senior doctors at Health City.

Speaking to The Lucknow Tribune, Dr. Sanjay Patoliya, a Bariatric Surgery expert and GI Surgeon said, “Obesity can be controlled via diet, proper exercise or even medication. Obesity can lead to issues like diabetes, fatty liver, sleep apnea, infertility which further fuels joint pain and back ache. Excessive fat can lead to issues like cancer and have a psychological impact including depression, low confidence and poor performance.”

He underlined – in modern life, poor life style issues like lack of exercise,  sleep disturbed with stress  and obesity, the body mass index has a deep Impact. Talking of BMI anything above 32.5 may requires surgery.Surgery is definitely indicated in a person with BMI above 37.5.as the patient qualifies in Morbid Obese category. Above 50 is super obesity. With obesity there are also matrimonial issues which can lead to infertility and other social issues where weight loss is needed.

Explaining the process, Dr. Sanjay Patoliya said – in case of bariatric surgery, liposuction is not required and one uses the laparoscopy technique through which the digestive system, stomach and small intestine are redesigned which results in better control of hunger hormones. This hence, controls diabetes, infertility and other hormonal disbalances. The procedure of laparoscopy takes about 1 to 1.5 fours. In about 3 hours the patient is allowed to move around with the fast recovery. In the following 6 to 8 months weight loss is visible. Constant monitoring is needed because one needs to take care of sleep problems, food intake and addiction. At Health City so far I have done around two procedures. The numbers in my home State Gujarat are way higher, but we plan to scale up the facility very soon.

Even awareness is needed. Dr. Patoliya adds –  to further make people aware, what is now required is support group activities, seminars and modifying diet exercise and Lifestyle problems through proper consultation. Healthy diet following a time table of food intake is advised. Avoid late dining. Talking of numbers India has an overall burden of over 7 crore people, who have morbid obesity and patients must consult doctors at the right time and the right doctor for proper regulation. One must keep dieticians and physical trainers in the loop.

Among the most common issues are diabetes, people with a family history, liver disease. The number of cases will increase manifold in the next 5 years with atleast 25 surgeries per day. For food, it is advised that you take homemade food, avoid sugar, have fresh fruits and vegetables, increase protein intake, take sufficient amount of Vitamin supplement and get a check up done time to time.

Signing off he says – One of the reasons why I have picked Health City as my Karmbhoomi is that it has experienced team, it has a very good structure, it has proper support for surgery, it ensures optimum outcome with safety, it has all available requirements and all equipment. As a doctor I advise healthy lifestyle, have proper diet, exercise sleep and make sure that you manage your stress well.


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