NTPC Vindhyachal Workshop fortifies Communication Strategies

Ravindra Kesari

Vindhynagar: In an endeavor to fortify communication strategies, NTPC Vindhyachal recently organized an enlightening two day workshop for its senior management cadre at Pachmarhi, M.P. The workshop, aimed at enhancing internal communication efficacy and adeptness in media handling, witnessed distinguished experts sharing invaluable insights.

KM Prashanth, GM (Corporate Communication )NTPC Limited, offered profound insights into the nuances of internal communication and media handling strategies, illuminating the path towards fostering stronger organizational bonds.

In the digital age, understanding the dynamics of digital media is paramount. Renowned Social Media Entrepreneur, Shri Kiruba Shankar, graced the workshop, imparting his expertise on leveraging digital platforms effectively to navigate the contemporary media landscape.

Navigating through crises demands deftness and composure.  Mayank Singh, a seasoned Senior Journalist, shared his wealth of experience in crisis communication, equipping the senior management with essential strategies to effectively manage challenging situations.

The workshop, attended by 30 participants including ED (Vindhyachal)  E Satya Phani Kumar. ED (Vindhyachal)  E Satya Phani Kumar expressed his appreciation for the workshop, stating, “The workshop organized by NTPC Vindhyachal has been a tremendous learning experience for all participants. It has provided us with valuable insights and practical strategies to enhance our communication skills and effectively handle media interactions. This initiative reflects NTPC’s dedication to continuous improvement and excellence in communication practices.”

The workshop, resonating with invaluable knowledge and practical wisdom, was met with enthusiasm and appreciation by the senior management of NTPC Vindhyachal. It stands as a testament to NTPC’s commitment to continuous learning and development, ensuring robust communication practices to drive organizational success.



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