Navneet Kaur says FIH Pro League great learning curve

Navneet Kaur

Mumbai: In the FIH Pro League 2023–24, the Indian women’s hockey team had a difficult European leg after playing six games against strong opponents in Belgium and England. The squad in the leadership of Navneet Kaur has demonstrated resiliency and growth in spite of the challenging opposition, and they want to use these experiences in their next games.


Vice captain Navneet Kaur gave her thoughts on the trip so far and the team’s plan of attack for the next games against Germany and Great Britain. “We have faced difficult obstacles in the European leg of the FIH Pro League 2023–24, but every game has been an invaluable educational experience for us,” she said. Our squad has persevered and improved in spite of the defeats, particularly in our hotly fought games against Belgium and Great Britain.”

“We are concentrating on evaluating our prior performances and pinpointing areas for development as we get ready to play Germany and Great Britain once again in our last two games. Our aim is to turn our diligence into fruitful outcomes. We are committed to giving it our all on the field and we have faith in our skills,” she said.

India’s first encounter on the European stage ended in a 0–5 loss to Argentina, and they then lost by a slim margin against Belgium (0–2 and 1-2). India lost 0-3 against Argentina in their rematch. The squad also lost its matches against Great Britain (2-3), Germany (1-3), and others.

“The trip has been difficult so far, but it has also strengthened our bond as a group. In order to accomplish our objectives, we are dedicated to cooperating, encouraging one another, and going above and beyond. “We are driven to conclude the competition with a strong sense of team spirit and dedication,” said Navneet, who has scored two goals in the tournament so far.

In all, the Indian squad has earned 8 points from its 14 games played in the FIH Pro League 2023–24 so far. The squad is focused on finishing strong and showcasing their development and resolve as they prepare for their last two games against Germany and Great Britain.

“Our focus now is on making the necessary adjustments and strategies to ensure we come out stronger in our remaining matches,” Navneet added, discussing the strategy for the tournament’s next two games as well as the Indian team’s future. Since we know how important these championship games are to our development as a team as well as to the tournament, every player is determined to perform to the best of their abilities and become better every time out. Above all, we are strengthening our areas of weakness, advancing our areas of strength, and remaining a cohesive team.”

“The knowledge and insights gained from our previous contests are priceless. We’re using them going ahead to strengthen our team’s cohesiveness and competitiveness in order to achieve greater outcomes and keep raising our game,” she stated.

On June 8, India will play Germany, and on June 9, they will square off against Great Britain in the FIH Pro League 2023–24 championship match.


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