National PG College to foster competitive spirit

National PG College

Lucknow: A competitive examination facility center “Tapasya” National-90 was established for competitive examinations under the Geography Department in National PG College, Lucknow. This includes IAS, PCS, Banking, SSC, RO. and preparation for other one-day government competitive examinations will be done free of cost.

Only students studying in college can register in this centre. To register at the Competitive Examination Facilitation Centre, students will have to pass the entrance examination in which only 90 students will be selected on the basis of merit.

Under the National Competitive Examination Center, an entrance examination was organized  to select 90 students for “Tapasya 2024”. Especially for UPSC and PCS, about 196 students studying in the National PG College participated in the entrance examination. Classes for competitive examinations will run in the college from Monday to Saturday from 02:00 pm to 04:00 pm.

In the classes, all the subjects will be studied as per the time table on the basis of competitive examination like – Hindi, English language, Political Science, History, Geography, Reasoning, Mathematics, Computer, Science Technology, CSAT etc. for language aptitude.

In this centre, preparation for competitive examinations will be done by various subject experts so that the students can have all-round development. To crack competitive examinations, tests will also be taken from time to time through sample question papers so that they can know the level of their preparation. The motto of Competitive Examination Facilitation Centre, “Tapasya” is to make students successful not only in their studies but also by preparing for competitive examinations.

Along with preparation for competitive exams, interviews will also be conducted once a week. So that the confidence level of students can increase. Principal of the college, Prof. Devendra Kumar Singh, on the establishment of the Competitive Examination Facility Centre, Tapasya National-90, told the Director of the Centre, Prof. P.K. Singh, Geography Department, that the competitive examination classes for the students will start from 20th May 2024, in which the first preliminary format of the competitive examination will be conducted for five days, followed by a rapid fire course for one month from May 26, 2024.

In the end, while increasing the awareness among the students, the Principal said that at least 10 students in the college should have UPSC. The target of selection in the preliminary examination of 2024 has been set. The objective of this center is that the college youth, along with completing their studies, can get a goal in which the college should support them in achieving it.


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