Nainital Bank employees up the ante against privatization

Akhilesh Chandra Saxena

Bareilly : The Nainital Bank Officers Association representing the officers with the fraternal support of NAINITAL Bank Staff Association called for one day strike  against the proposed Disinvestment of its stakeholding by the Bank of Baroda which is holding 98.57% at present.

The employees are demanding implementation of the Recommendations of the Parliamentary Committee of Petitions, 16th Lok Sabha, which has recommended twice to merge the Nainital Bank with the parent bank Bank of Baroda.

The regulatory bank, Reserve Bank of India has also recommended for the Merger and Bank of Baroda is not considering any of the instructions and has proceeded to sell the Banking Licence of this smallest subsidiary which has been serving the public since 1922.

The employees of all the 171 branches along with Regional and head office are protesting against this move of Bank of Baroda


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