Municipal Corporation gears up to combat heatwave

Municipal Corporation

Lucknow: All preparations completed by Municipal Corporation Lucknow for protection from heat wave/loo, necessary guidelines issued –

As per the instructions of Municipal Commissioner  Inderjit Singh, Municipal Corporation Lucknow is identifying the areas affected by the heat wave and making proper arrangements for shade and drinking water for the tourists visiting those areas and all the parks and tourist places under the Municipal Corporation. Instructions were issued to get it done. Besides, by changing the working timings of all the employees working under the Municipal Corporation, they were instructed to work early in the morning and till late in the evening. Apart from this, orders were given to ensure provision of drinking water, fans etc. in all the permanent night shelters under the Municipal Corporation to protect themselves from the scorching heat.

Apart from the above, the Municipal Commissioner has directed to carry out the following activities on priority basis:-

1. Provision of cool and pure drinking water for the public in crowded places.
2. Arrangement of shelters to protect from heat.
3. Display of weather forecast and temperature in busy places.
4. Widespread dissemination among the public of measures to prevent heatwave.
5. Wide publicity among the public about measures to prevent heatwave in schools.

Subsequently, the following instructions were issued by the Municipal Commissioner to the Water Department for better arrangements for protection from heat wave:-

1. By running a special campaign for drinking water supply in urban bodies, all the tube wells should be kept in working condition and the closed tube wells should be repaired and made operational.
2. Repair of breakages in the pipelines supplied to the settlements from the main pipelines of tube wells and repair of them should be done by identifying the places of water leakage so that clean water can be supplied to the settlements.
3. Chlorination should be done from time to time for water purification.
4. To monitor the quality of drinking water, water samples should be collected at the user end point and their bacteriological/virological testing should be done regularly.
5. In areas where drinking water is being supplied through hand pumps, appropriate quantity of chlorine tablets should be distributed as per requirement.
6. In areas where drinking water is disrupted, drinking water should be supplied through water supply.
7. Sewer lines and water pipelines should be checked in urban areas. If any breakage or leakage is found in the sewer or water pipeline, it should be rectified immediately. Till the said leakage is corrected, alternative arrangements should be made for safe drinking water supply in the concerned area.


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