MLC Mukesh Sharma calls for mass connect

Mukesh Sharma

Lucknow: Mukesh Sharma participated in the preparatory meeting with party officials and workers at the Central Election Office of Barhaj Assembly in view of the preparations for the huge public meeting program of Prime Minister Narendra Modi  in Bansgaon Lok Sabha’s Rudrapur and Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath’s huge public meeting program in Barhaj Assembly. After the meeting, Mukesh Sharma took stock of the meeting places along with BJP candidate from Bansgaon Kamlesh Paswan, District President Bhupendra Singh and Regional General Secretary Harish Thakur.

Mukesh Sharma also held meetings and public relations with district officials and workers in favor of candidate Kamlesh Paswan.

Mukesh Sharma discussed organizational issues in the meeting held with Panna Pramukh and booth presidents and while enumerating the works done by the Parliament, said that Kamlesh Paswan, three-time MP from Bansgaon Lok Sabha, has done countless works in the area, in which, due to his efforts, the National Highway was constructed. Construction work of -29, widening of Ramjanaki road, opening of Dhuriyapar and Rudrapur ethanol plants, construction of mini stadium in Chauri Chaura, rejuvenation of Devraha Baba temple, strengthening of Panchaldi dam in Rudrapur area and construction of Philhata dam, Bansgaon-Kaudiram and Kaudiram. -Widening of Gola Marg, establishment of Kendriya Vidyalaya in Barhaj, beautification of martyr memorial in Paina village of Deoria and beautification of Dugdheshwarnath temple of Deoria district are getting immense support from everyone. We have to make the work done by the MP reach the masses and win for the fourth time with huge votes.


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