Misbehaviour with BJP leader costs cop heavy

Lucknow: A case of misbehavior by the police with Bharatiya Janata Party spokesperson Rakesh Tripathi and his family has come to light in the capital Lucknow. The BJP spokesperson has accused the Traffic Sub Inspector of misbehaving with him in a written complaint to the DGP. At the same time, the traffic police inspector has been suspended as the matter escalated.

Misbehavior during search

In the case, the officers said that the incident took place around 6:30 pm on Saturday evening. BJP spokesperson Rakesh Tripathi was returning home with his family from Srinagar. During this, traffic inspector Ashutosh Tripathi stopped his car in Krishnanagar area and allegedly misbehaved with him and his family members.

The BJP spokesperson alleged in a written complaint to the police that all the documents of his car were complete, but even after this he was misbehaved with. According to Rakesh Tripathi, he was returning from Srinagar with his family. While coming home from the airport, when he went towards Shaheed Path, traffic police sub-inspector Ashutosh Tripathi, who was checking here, stopped his car and then started searching the car.

The BJP spokesperson said in his complaint that the inspector misbehaved with me and my family. At the same time, an official statement issued by the traffic police in this case said that after the allegations against the inspector Ashutosh Tripathi were found to be prima facie correct, he was suspended. Also, orders for a departmental inquiry have been given.


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