Mercury levels cross the unbearable mark

Lucknow: For the first time this season, the maximum temperature in UP has crossed 45 degrees Celsius. Kanpur was the hottest on Thursday at 45.1 degrees Celsius, while the temperature in Agra and Bundelkhand region ranged between 43-45 degrees Celsius. The temperature is around this on Friday also.

Temperature will be up to 43 degrees in Lucknow

Due to the increasing speed of hot westerly winds, the temperature in the state is likely to rise by 1-3 degrees Celsius during the next 3-4 days. Lucknow Weather office in-charge Mohammad Danish said, the maximum and minimum temperatures in Lucknow on Friday will be around 43 degrees Celsius and 27 degrees Celsius respectively.

The day temperature in the state capital reached 42.4 degrees Celsius on Thursday. As per the state forecast, the weather is likely to remain dry in the state. The Meteorological Department has issued a warning of heat wave at different places in the state.

Heat wave warning in these districts

According to the State Meteorological Department, some districts of Bundelkhand region bordering Delhi and Rajasthan will be in the grip of heat wave on Friday. On Saturday, it will gradually spread to most parts of Southeast, Central and Northeast UP.

On Sunday and Monday, the entire state except the Terai region bordering Nepal will be in the grip of heat wave. The temperature is likely to rise gradually and touch or cross 45 degrees Celsius when voting takes place in the fifth phase of Lok Sabha elections on Monday.

Mohammad Danish said, “Dry hot winds coming from the desert area of ​​Rajasthan are responsible for the heatwave. The level of Mercury will increase during this period. Dry hot westerly winds will also prevail over the state for the next five days.” The southwest monsoon is likely to enter the South Andaman Sea on May 19 on its normal date and Kerala on May 31, a day before the normal date of June. Only after this will the progress of monsoon in the rest of India be decided.


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