Manoj Kumar Singh : A Man of all Seasons

Manoj Kumar Singh : A Man of all Seasons

Lucknow: To realize a vision, it is most important to have a great team, which can bring the vision of its leader to the ground in mission mode with clear intention and accurate implementation. After becoming the Chief Minister in 2017, Yogi Adityanath first identified some such officers in the bureaucracy, who have experience and efficiency, along with integrity, also have tenacity and fighting spirit towards work.

One such important member of ‘Team Yogi’ formed after a tough examination is IAS Manoj Kumar Singh, who has taken charge as the Chief Secretary of UP today.

1988 batch IAS officer Manoj Kumar Singh has been identified as a ‘performer’. Manoj Kumar Singh is a reputed name in the bureaucracy with long experience, efficiency, dedication, ability to deliver, competence as the senior most officer. And this is the reason why Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has consistently expressed confidence in Manoj Kumar Singh during his tenure so far. It is said about him that Manoj Kumar Singh has imbibed the Yogi mantra of ‘delivery on time’.

Manoj Kumar Singh, who is currently discharging the responsibility of two very important posts related to policy subjects like Agriculture Production Commissioner and Infrastructure and Industrial Development Commissioner of the state, is also discharging the responsibility of very senior posts like Additional Chief Secretary Panchayati Raj, Food Processing, UPEIDA and Chairman of UPSHA and PICUP Chairman, which accelerate the development of the state. Manoj Kumar Singh, who was first included in Team 11 and then in Team 9 during the Covid period, played an important role in controlling the spread of Covid in the villages.

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath’s ‘BC Sakhi’ scheme, which realizes the concept of ‘Banking at Your Door’, is being accepted as a model across the country today. Manoj Kumar Singh has made a big contribution from preparing its outline to implementation. This scheme is getting praise on the national stage by becoming a wonderful example of women’s self-reliance and financial inclusion.

Manoj Kumar Singh has played a major role in making the efforts of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath to make the divine and grand Kumbh of 2019 a global event successful. As a nodal officer, every preparation related to Kumbh-2019 was executed under his leadership. Now this time as Chief Secretary, these experiences will be beneficial in successfully organizing Mahakumbh 2025.

As Additional Chief Secretary Panchayati Raj, Manoj Kumar Singh brought Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath’s mission to the ground. Today all 75 districts of the state have been declared open defecation free and the maximum number of toilets have been built in Uttar Pradesh, so he is considered to have the most important role in this.

Manoj Kumar Singh played the role of leader in every phase of the Global Investors Summit, which brought an investment of more than 40 lakh crores to Uttar Pradesh. Before GIS, Manoj Kumar Singh was prominently involved in the ‘Team UP’ that went to various countries with the message of CM Yogi, and he also played an effective role in organizing the GIS main function.

In February 2024, when GBC-4 was organized to bring projects worth Rs 10 lakh crore on the ground, he was the mastermind of the entire event as Infrastructure and Industrial Development Commissioner.

Along with the expansion of women self-help groups, Manoj Kumar Singh has also played a big role in the proper implementation of child development schemes like ‘Take Home Ration’.


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