Mafia and mosquitoes have been eradicated: CM


Gorakhpur: Gorakhpur Rural is now giving tough competition to Gorakhpur Mahanagar. Before 2009, this area was a part of Bansgaon. After this, I became MP from here. There used to be floods here every year, the whole area used to be submerged. There was no road or electricity. The whole area used to struggle with the tragedy of floods. Now there is no water. A two-lane-four lane road has been built from Transport Nagar to Tarkulani and Motiram Adda to Tarkulani, it looks like the road to Golghar and Hazratganj in Lucknow. The zoo is also in Gorakhpur rural. All the money asked for bridge and flood protection was made available to Gorakhpur rural. A veterinary college is also being built in Gorakhpur rural, very soon it will become a university. All the animals are being treated here. Work is also being done to promote advanced crops.

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath addressed the public meeting of Gorakhpur Lok Sabha at Janata Inter College Belwar Khorabar on Sunday. He appealed to re-elect Gorakhpur MP and BJP candidate Ravi Kishan. Your vote brings development and also makes you a partner in virtue

CM Yogi said that Gorakhpur is getting cleaned up, while when you go to Ayodhya, you will see Ayodhya as it was at the time of Lord Shri Ram’s birth. He said that Ramlala has been installed in Ayodhya. The virtue and credit of this goes to you, because you have voted for Modi-Yogi, the vote cast on the lotus symbol goes directly to Modi-Yogi. Your one vote brings development and also makes you a partner in virtue. Tell the present and future generation that by making Modi the Prime Minister and Yogi the Chief Minister, we have built the Ram temple in Ayodhya.

Mafia and mosquitoes ended, encephalitis ended

CM Yogi said that the government has provided roads, bridges, pure drinking water through tap to every house and has ended encephalitis by eliminating mafia and mosquitoes. On one hand, the respect of the country is increasing under Modi’s leadership, on the other hand terrorism and Naxalism have also ended. The CM told that a police training school is also being built in Khorabar of Gorakhpur rural. Atal Residential School has been built in Sahjanwan for the children of the poor. This year, we are going to inaugurate a Sainik School in Gorakhpur so that children can also become military officers. Gorakhpur also has AIIMS, fertilizer, sugar mill, good trains and wide roads. Now, sitting in a plane, we are travelling from Gorakhpur to Mumbai in one and a half to two hours.

When governments are good, there is respect and development

CM Yogi, while joking with the people of Gorakhpur, asked how many people have watched Ravi Kishan’s films. Did they watch it by paying money or for free, after the elections, he will show the film for free. How many people want to work in the film. He said that shooting is also going on on the banks of Ramgarhtal. When you vote for a good government, a good party and a good leader, there is respect, security, development and poor welfare. He enumerated the schemes of the government and said that if Modi government is formed once again on June 4, then houses will be provided to the remaining poor.

Mahant Shri started the movement, so Gorakhpur says – We will bring those who have brought Ram

Gorakhpeethadhiswar Mahant Yogi Adityanath said that Pujya Maharaj Mahant Digvijaynath, Mahant Avedyanath started the Ram Mandir movement, so the whole country including Gorakhpur says that we will bring those who have brought Ram. Because of Modi ji, Ramlala was enthroned in Ayodhya after 500 years. Earlier money was spent on graveyards, now it is spent on renovation of monasteries and temples.

BJP gives respect, SP-Congress want to implement Talibani rule

CM Yogi said that on one hand BJP gives you security and respect, on the other hand BSP could not find any candidate other than Maulana. SP and Congress say that if they form the government, they will implement personal law, that is, they want to implement Talibani rule. If this happens, daughters cannot go out, women will stay at home wearing burqa, but they should know that BJP will run the country as per the constitution of Baba Saheb Bhimrao Ambedkar. The party will not allow Sharia law to be implemented. These people want to impose Aurangzeb’s Jaziya tax through inheritance tax. They will survey the ancestral property and take half the property and give it to the infiltrating Muslims from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, we will not tolerate this. Aurangzeb’s spirit has entered Congress and SP. We do not have to let it come alive again.

Gorakhpur raised hands to assure that Ravi Kishan will go to the House again

The CM told the people of Gorakhpur that there are five days left for campaigning. Every person has to go to five houses and request each voter to vote. There will be 100-125 votes in 25 houses. It has to be ensured that these votes are cast before 10 am on June 1. The people of Gorakhpur also raised their hands to assure Yogi Adityanath that the lotus will bloom in Gorakhpur and Ravi Kishan will go to the House again.

In the public meeting Yogi government minister Rajni Tiwari, Gorakhpur MP and BJP candidate Ravi Kishan, Gorakhpur Rural MLA Vipin Singh, BJP regional vice president Dr. Satyendra Sinha, metropolitan general secretary Achyutananda Shahi, Piprauli block chief Dilip Yadav, Khorabar block chief Shiv Prasad Jaiswal, BJP Mahila Morcha regional president Amita Gupta, Hausila Singh, Lalji Singh etc were present.


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