Learning Kathak is fun for the young

Lucknow: A Kathak workshop was organized and youngsters performed under the guidance of Jyoti Kiran Ratan at C&J Inter College, Kalinagar helmed by the Culture Department of Uttar Pradesh in collaboration with Birju Maharaj Kathak Sansthan, Lucknow.

School students participated enthusiastically in the cultural display. On this occasion, instructor Jyoti Kiran Ratan said that by providing elementary education of Kathak through the workshop, there is an effort to generate interest in children’s culture along with saving the art. Along with the accompanists, young dancers Jhanvi Awasthi and Misha Ratan supported the workshop.

Due to examinations, the workshop presentation was held in March. Principal Narendra Singh distributed certificates to the children. Manager Dr. Manoj Gupta said that organizing Kathak workshop in an area like Kalinagar Tiger Reserve Range is a matter of great joy.

Apart from school, the children who received dance training in the temple are a boon for those underprivileged children. Around 300 children received Kathak training. Apart from the school, Jyoti trained other children of the village also in the temple of Kalinagar near the school and also gave initial dance training to other children of the village.


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