Kiran Bedi: From real to reel

Kiran Bedi

Mumbai: Not only is Kiran Bedi a historical figurehead, but she is a real-life inspiration. She serves as a potent reminder to any girl with a desire that no dream is too large, no obstacle is insurmountable, and no voice is too little to matter. The life of Kiran Bedi, the first female IPS officer in India, will soon be the subject of a biopic called Bedi: The Name You Know, The Story You Don’t. When she and director Kushaal Chawla announced the movie, she said, “It’s time to give back to society.”

Kiran Bedi on the effect her biopic will have
In an exclusive interview with Zoom, Kiran spoke about how her biography would further the current discussion on female leadership and gender equality. As a representation of women’s empowerment in India, she took time to consider her experiences and observations, writing down her ideas as she traveled from her house to the location of the movie announcement.

“This story is not just my story,” said Kiran Bedi. It tells the narrative of an Indian lady. an Indian lady who was born and raised in India, attended school there, and spent her whole professional life serving the Indian populace. My father informed me at the age of nine, “Life is on an incline,” and that’s how my narrative started. Either you ascend or you descend. “You should be a giver and not a recipient,” my mother then said.”

“Therefore, our goal is to premiere this film on International Women’s Day, which is 50 years old and tells the narrative of an Indian lady who represents her country well abroad. When I sat down to write on my own this morning, that’s what went through my mind. So what is the plot of this story? Naturally, the release will return it to you.

“I need to tell how she makes her way through.”
The movie will depict how a woman navigates her life in a world where men predominate, in Kiran’s opinion. “Among parents for raising their daughters (especially working women), youth for preparing for careers, public servants for delivering and surviving, researchers to investigate how to train coaches and trainers to succeed, and encouraging kids to dream big,” she said. Which behaviors support a happy outlook? How did I arrange my schedule to get more done? Why did I write for so long? What function did athletics serve? What was my approach to parenting, my parents’ influence, and my family’s place in my life? How did I respond to hardship? These are all the problems that will be present in the movie.”

When asked how the biopic might affect the socio-political environment of today, she said, “There will be messages. Why can’t this be done somewhere else if it is possible to do so? You have an example in the picture. You may provide an example. You’ve had instruction.
Thus, why not?”

The 2025 release of the film, which is helmed by Kushaal Chawla and produced by Dream Slate Pictures’ Gaurav Chawla, is planned.


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