Junaid Khan gets spotted outside Prithvi Theatre

Spotlight on Junaid Khan – gets spotted at Prithvi Theatre for his upcoming play rehearsals!

Mumbai: Aamir Khan’s son Junaid Khan, who will be making his big Bollywood debut this year with ‘Maharaj’, has been pursuing theatre passionately for the last several years, which not many are aware of.

While the spotlight often shines brightest on silver screens, Junaid’s passion for the performing arts extends beyond the confines of celluloid. Apart from gearing up for his film debut, Junaid has been rigorously prepping for his theatrical endeavour, ‘Shikhandi’.

The buzz surrounding Junaid intensified recently as he was spotted at Mumbai’s oldest cultural hub Prithvi Theatre, post technical rehearsals for his upcoming play. This play holds special significance for Junaid as it marks his first performance of 2024. Junaid’s foray into theatre showcases his vision as an actor and his desire to explore the diverse platforms of acting.


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