International Business Conclave expected to be a crowd puller

International Business Conclave 2024

Lucknow: ‘International Business Conclave’ is being organised under the banner of Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Uttar Pradesh. Ambassadors and officials of more than 30 countries will participate in this conference. India’s growing progress is now being recognized by the world. Many Indian and foreign industrialists will do business with each other in Uttar Pradesh. Investment abroad will be easy for the industrial houses of Uttar Pradesh. Trade agreements are expected between Indian and foreign companies.

Many politicians of the state will also participate. Chamber President Er. D. P. Singh said, “International Business Conclave 2024 is an important initiative by the Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Uttar Pradesh to promote industries and bilateral trade.” “We are confident that this event will provide a platform for businesses to flourish and contribute to the economic growth of the region.” The Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Uttar Pradesh is pleased to announce that it will host the International Business Conclave 2024, a flagship event aimed at promoting industries and bilateral trade. The conference on 15th and 16th June 2024 will bring together industry leaders, policymakers and stakeholders from across the globe to discuss and explore new collaboration and growth opportunities. The event will feature:

Keynote addresses by renowned experts and thought leaders. Panel discussions on industry trends and best practices. Networking sessions with global business leaders and investors. Exhibitions showcasing cutting-edge products and services. B2B meetings and country-specific sessions. Joint venture, collaboration and partnership opportunities. Insights into emerging markets and industries. Access to government officials and policymakers. Exposure to new technologies and innovations. International Business Conclave 2024 has received a significant boost with the confirmation of participation of Ambassadors of 30 countries through their Embassies. This unprecedented level of international participation is a testimony to the growing importance of Uttar Pradesh as a hub of global trade and commerce.

The participating countries include Asian Countries, BIMSTEC Countries, BRICS Countries, Middle Eastern Countries, Central African Countries, North African Countries, East African Countries, West African Countries, South African Countries, North American Countries, South American Countries, Caribbean Countries, Central American Countries, Oceania Countries, CIS Countries, European Countries, Shenzhen Countries etc. along with their Ambassadors and delegations will explore opportunities for collaboration, investment and trade with Indian businesses and policy makers.

International Business Conclave 2024 will provide participants with several benefits including: Increased business opportunities and partnerships. Increased visibility and brand recognition. Access to new markets and industries. Networking opportunities with global leaders and investors. Insights into industry trends and best practices. Joint venture and collaboration opportunities. Exposure to new technologies and innovations. Advanced knowledge and understanding of global business policies and regulations.


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