Inter state checkposts keep track of unfair means in U.P.

Lucknow: State Chief Electoral Officer  Navdeep Rinwa said that the guidelines of the Election Commission of India are being strictly followed to maintain law and order in Uttar Pradesh. With the announcement of the election dates of Lok Sabha General Elections-2024 on March 16, 2024, the Model Code of Conduct is effective in the entire state to conduct free, fair, peaceful, fear-free, inducement-free, inclusive and safe voting in the state.

The Chief Electoral Officer said that in compliance with the instructions of the Election Commission of India, action is being taken by Police, Income Tax, Excise, Narcotics and other departments. For intensive checking, 464 inter-state check posts and 1728 check posts are operated within the state.

From March 16 to May 09, 2024, 536 licensed weapons were seized from criminal persons by the police department. Licenses of 4705 licensed weapons were canceled and deposited. Similarly, in case of fear of breach of peace, taking preventive action under CrPC, notices have been sent to ban 27,20,387 people, out of which 24,48,726 people have been banned.

Apart from this, 9059 unlicensed weapons, 9149 cartridges, 3019.32 kg explosives and 522 bombs were recovered and seized by the police department. Police raided 4016 centers manufacturing illegal weapons and 173 centers were seized.

On May 09, 2024, the police department canceled the license of 01 licensed weapon of criminal persons and deposited it. Taking preventive action under CrPC, 32,124 people were banned. Apart from this, 63 unlicensed weapons, 65 cartridges and 08 bombs were recovered and seized. Police raided 38 centers manufacturing illegal weapons and 01 center was seized.


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