Instagram third most popular app in South Korea


Seoul: According to industry statistics released on Tuesday, the photo-sharing app Instagram surpassed Naver, the top internet site in South Korea, to become the third most popular mobile app there in terms of use time last month.

According to statistics from mobile market research company Wiseapp Retail Goods, South Koreans spent a total of 20.9 billion minutes on Instagram in April.

Since Wiseapp started gathering this information in March 2016, it was the first time Instagram has surpassed Naver to take the third spot among the most popular smartphone apps here. According to Yonhap news agency, 20 billion minutes were spent on Naver by users in April.

With 102.1 billion minutes of use, the popular video streaming network YouTube was the most utilized app last month. KakaoTalk, the leading mobile messenger in South Korea, came in second with 32.5 billion minutes.

Tiktok, the short-form video hosting site, placed No. 5 with 6 billion minutes of use, followed by Instagram and Naver at No. 6 with 4.9 billion minutes, and X, the old Twitter, at No. 7 with 4.8 billion minutes.

According to Wiseapp, South Koreans are using social media more often, with an increase of almost 5 billion minutes in Instagram use in the last year.


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