India’s Super Natwarlal fails to con death

Dhaniram Mittal

Bhiwani: Dhaniram Mittal is one such popular name. Which you must have probably heard. The reason for this is that this person is considered to be the most vicious thief in India. This thief fraudulently kept sitting on the judge’s chair and delivering the verdict for two months. He is also known as ‘Super Natwarlal’ and ‘Indian Charles Shobhraj’. Dharni Ram died of a heart attack at the age of 85. Dhaniram Mittal was known as one of the most learned and intelligent criminals of India. Despite having a bachelor’s degree in law and being a handwriting expert and graphologist, he chose to make a living through theft.

Dhaniram Mittal was born in 1939 in Bhiwani, Haryana. He is said to have stolen more than 1000 cars from several states like Delhi, Haryana, Rajasthan, Chandigarh and Punjab. He was so clever that he used to commit these thefts in broad daylight especially in Delhi, Haryana, Rajasthan and surrounding areas.

India’s Charles Sobhraj and Dhaniram Mittal, once known as ‘Super Natwarlal’, died of a heart attack. It is being said that the family has performed the last rites at Nigambodh Ghat. Of course, Dhaniram is no longer in this world but there is a long list of his ‘non-violent’ exploits. He will be remembered for a long time in the ‘police files’ of many states including Delhi, UP, Haryana, Punjab, Rajasthan.

150 cases of forgery against Dhaniram Mittal

According to the police, 150 cases of forgery were registered against Dhaniram. He was considered a master of accurate handwriting. The LLB pass swindler used to represent his own cases. ACP Rajpal Dabas took maximum action against Mittal in Delhi. He first became SI and then Inspector. Rajpal was posted in PCR. He had arrested Mittal in many cases of car theft.

Worked in court as a judge

According to media reports, one day in the 70s, Dhaniram Mittal read the news in a newspaper. It was written in it that a departmental inquiry was ordered against the Additional Judge of Jhajjar. After reading the news, Dhaniram reached Jhajjar court premises. Complete information related to this was collected there. After this a letter was typed and kept in a sealed envelope. The judge against whom there was a departmental inquiry. Posted in his name. The seal and signature of the Registrar of the High Court was also duly affixed. In the letter, the judge was given two months leave till the completion of the departmental inquiry. Considering this to be the real letter, the judge went on leave.

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The next day a letter arrived in the name of Haryana High Court. It was written in it that investigation is going on against the Additional Judge. In such a situation, the work of the court does not stop, so the new judge will take charge for so many days. On the same morning of the date on which the order was made, Dhaniram arrived in the judge’s attire with a separate letter from the Haryana High Court. The court staff showed him the chamber. After this, the process of presenting the accused started every day. He kept giving the verdict for 40 days and granted bail to more than 2000 people.


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