India shows nuke muscle in global race against Pakistan

New Delhi: India has overtaken Pakistan in terms of nuclear weapons. According to the report of Swedish think tank SIPRI, this year the number of nuclear warheads of India increased to 172, while Pakistan has 170 warheads. India’s new weapons are long-range and can target China.

Till last year, India had 164 nuclear weapons. At the same time, 9 countries including America and Russia have worked on modernizing their nuclear weapons stockpile in the last one year. These countries have also deployed many new weapons with nuclear capability.

Both India and Pakistan continued to build new nuclear delivery systems in 2023. On the one hand, India is focusing on nuclear weapons to compete with Pakistan, on the other hand it is also emphasizing on weapons capable of long-range attack. These can cover the whole of China.

SIPRI said that in the last one year, China’s nuclear warheads have increased from 410 to 500. Further increase is expected in these. Currently, 3904 nuclear weapons are deployed in missiles or aircraft across the world. 2100 of these have been kept on high alert.

These weapons mostly belong to America and Russia.

However, this is the first time that China has also kept some of its nuclear weapons on high operational alert. The number of nuclear weapons in the world has now reached 12 thousand 121.


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