In rainy season, Energy Minister calls for caution

Energy Minister

Lucknow: The Urban Development and Energy Minister of Uttar Pradesh has directed the electricity personnel to ensure that the power supply is restored during the rainy season. All the electricity personnel will remain alert and discharge their responsibilities. Due to darkness during monsoon, citizens may have to face many problems. All the personnel will take immediate cognizance of the information and complaints given by the consumers and solve the problems. During the rainy season, there is a possibility of electric current flowing through the electric poles, transformer protection nets, green trees and branches. People should also be made aware of this so that loss of life and animal life due to any kind of electrical accident can be avoided. All the personnel will make people aware in their areas to avoid touching electrical equipment during the rainy season and maintain proper distance from them. The Energy Minister has appealed to all the citizens to avoid coming in contact with electrical equipment during the rainy season to avoid any kind of electrical accidents.

Energy Minister  A.K. Sharma has said that during the monsoon, there may be power disruption due to heavy rains, storms, branches of trees touching the electrical wires, which will be taken immediate cognizance of and work will be done to restore the power supply. He has directed the electricity personnel to find suitable solutions to prevent the current flowing in the electrical equipment. The branches touching the electrical wires should also be trimmed so that electrical sparking can be prevented and there is no disruption in uninterrupted power supply.

The Energy Minister directed to run a continuous campaign to prevent power theft. Bills should be made available to consumers on time, there should not be any kind of error in correct billing. Consumers should also be encouraged to deposit their bills on time. There should be no laxity in providing electricity connection to consumers, provide electricity connection to everyone on time as per rules.


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