ICG & ATS Gujarat seize Indian fishing boat carrying narcotics

ATS Gujarat

Ahmedabad: In a coordinated effort, Indian Coast Guard (ICG) and the Gujarat Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) seized an Indian fishing boat in the Arabian Sea carrying 173 kg of narcotics and arrested two perpetrators on board.

Acting on specific and credible intelligence provided by ATS Gujarat, ICG strategically deployed its assets ensuring comprehensive surveillance to intercept the suspected boat. Subsequent investigations upon intercepting the boat confirmed the accuracy of the intelligence inputs, establishing the involvement of the fishing boat and its two perpetrators in smuggling drugs. Further investigation into the crew’s involvement is underway.

The operation marked the twelfth such seizure by the ICG in the last three years, including recent detention of a Pakistani fishing boat with a substantial quantity of drugs on board, highlighting the commitment of both agencies to safeguard the maritime borders and combating illicit activities at sea.

The seizure comes a day after the ICG, ATS and Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB), in a joint operation, recovered heroin worth ₹ 600 crore from a Pakistani boat with 14 crew members.

According to official sources, a total of 173 kgs of Hashish (extracted from cannabis) along with two Indians have been caught as part of a joint operation.

“Based on specific and credible intelligence inputs from the ATS, the ICG strategically deployed its ships and aircraft, ensuring that the boat does not evade the sea-air coordinated surveillance,” the release said.

The boat was intercepted after its proper identification, and investigations confirmed that the two accused persons were involved in smuggling around 173 kg of drugs, it said.

“This operation is the ICG’s 12th apprehension in the last three years and a testimony of coordination and success of joint efforts of ICG and ATS Gujarat for appropriate response to drug trafficking through seas,” it said.


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