How an Israel SC ruling has an impact on Netanyahu’s position ?

Jerusalem : The ruling by Israel’s Supreme Court curtailing subsidies for ultra-Orthodox seminaries has indeed stirred significant political upheaval, particularly for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s governing coalition. Here’s how the decision could potentially impact Netanyahu’s position:

Coalition Stability: Netanyahu’s coalition heavily relies on the support of ultra-Orthodox parties. These parties vehemently oppose the reduction in subsidies and the potential conscription of their constituents into the military. If Netanyahu presents a plan that alienates these parties, it could lead to their withdrawal from the coalition, thus destabilizing his government.

Centrist Pressure: Centrist members of Netanyahu’s coalition, particularly former generals like Benny Gantz, have emphasized the importance of equal contributions to Israeli society. They have threatened to quit if exemptions for the ultra-Orthodox are preserved. Netanyahu risks losing their support if he attempts to maintain the status quo for the ultra-Orthodox.

Election Risk: If Netanyahu fails to navigate this delicate political terrain and his coalition collapses, Israel could be forced into new elections. Given Netanyahu’s declining popularity amid ongoing conflicts, such a scenario could further weaken his position and potentially lead to significant changes in Israeli politics.

Public Opinion: The Supreme Court ruling has been celebrated by many Israelis who view it as a step towards addressing inequality and promoting a fairer distribution of societal responsibilities. Netanyahu’s response to the ruling and his handling of the ensuing political fallout could influence public opinion and his standing among voters.

In summary, while Netanyahu has demonstrated political resilience in the past, the current situation poses significant challenges to his leadership and the stability of his coalition government. How he navigates these challenges will likely have profound implications for the future of Israeli politics.

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