Holi right time to show your fashionable side

Lucknow: In earlier times, people used to play Holi wearing old clothes. They believed that Holi clothes get spoilt due to color, hence wear those clothes which are not to be worn again. But in today’s time this trend has changed. People living in apartments and societies now prepare special programs for Holi. In many places, dress code is also made. Even if there is no dress code, on this occasion everyone comes to play Holi wearing different dresses. If you also want to leave the old trend and follow the new trend, then know here some ideas which will be helpful in giving you a completely festive look.

To look stylish

If you want to give yourself a stylish look on the day of Holi, then try a jumpsuit on this occasion and can wear an embroidered half jacket with it. Apart from this, you can also wear denim shorts with white t-shirt. This will make you look stylish and smart.

For ethnic look

If you want to have an ethnic look, then wear a colorful dupatta on the white outfit. White colored clothes give a cool look on Holi. You can also tie chikankari, salwar kameez and sharara, white colored saree. Apart from this, you can carry a white top with a colorful log skirt. You will be comfortable in these outfits and will look no less than anyone else on Holi.

Men wear graphic t shirts

On this occasion, men can wear graphic T-shirts. These days they are in trend and look great on this occasion. Apart from this, white or any light shade kurta will also look good with jeans. Kurta pajama also looks cool on such occasions. You must carry goggles with them. These will look stylish and will also protect your eyes from the effects of colours.

Selection of shoes is also important

In Holi party, as important as the choice of outfit is, the choice of shoes is equally important. Therefore, choose such footwear which is comfortable and which is not prone to slipping. For the sake of style, do not make the mistake of carrying heels while playing Holi.

Take care of hair style

Holi colors also harm your hair, so it is not right to keep them open. It would be better if you keep your hair in a bun or a long braid on this occasion. Men can also wear caps if they wish.


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