Hezbollah targets Israeli military bases using drones


Tel Aviv: For the first time during the Gaza war, Lebanon’s Hezbollah outfit carried out a major attack on Israeli military bases with drones. Hezbollah had sent an entire squadron of drones to attack Israel. There is no confirmed information yet about the loss of life and property caused by this. However, most of these drones were shot down in the sky by Israel’s defense system.

Iran-backed armed organization Hezbollah has been continuously attacking Israel since October 8, 2023 in support of Gaza’s organization Hamas. Israel is also continuously retaliating against the organization’s bases in Lebanon.

The Israeli army on Monday reported heavy damage to several Hezbollah bases in air strikes and the killing of its commander Ali Hussein Sabra. Meanwhile, Saeed Abyar, the commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard appointed to advise the government in Syria, has been killed. Iranian news agency SNN has blamed Israel for the murder.

Israel’s top priority is to destroy Hamas

The Israeli government’s top priority is to destroy Hamas. Along with this, the government also wants the safe return of the hostages from Gaza. This has been said by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. He said, as the Prime Minister, he is working to achieve both the goals, but as the head of the coalition government, he is also facing pressure from the allies. Many times, difficulties arise in implementing the decisions taken unanimously in the War Cabinet.

Itmar Ben-Givir, leader of the extreme right-wing party in the Israeli government and National Security Minister, has said that Prime Minister Netanyahu is whitewashing to implement the US President’s Gaza plan. He is slowing down the war in Gaza.

Israeli army action continues in Rafah too

Meanwhile, 11 people have been killed in the latest attacks by the Israeli army in Gaza. Of these, seven people including a woman have been killed in the Nuseirat refugee camp and four people including three children have been killed in the Bureij refugee camp. Israeli army action continues in Rafah too.


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