Hezbollah rains hell on Israel

Hezbollah, Israel

Tel Aviv: Even as tension of Hamas’ war on Israel simmers, Iran’s loyalists added fuel to fire. Amid the ongoing tension between Iran and Israel, there has once again been a barrage of missile attacks. This time Iran-backed militia has attacked Israel with a barrage of missiles. They claimed to have attacked Israeli army headquarters with dozens of Katyusha rockets.

Israeli army confirmed

The Israeli military said in a statement that the Lebanese armed group Hezbollah fired about 35 rockets toward northern Israel, while Israel carried out airstrikes in southern Lebanon. However, there is no news of anyone being injured in the attack. According to reports, the rockets caused air raid sirens to sound in the city of Safed and other areas in northern Israel.

Israel’s military said on Monday that the Israeli army attacked several Hezbollah positions in southern Lebanon with rocket launchers. According to the statement, earlier on Monday, Israel had attacked Hezbollah fighters in Arjoun and Odaiseh villages in southern Lebanon.

Hezbollah continues attacking Israel

It is noteworthy that war has started between Israel and Hamas. Since then, Hezbollah has been continuously attacking Israel. There have been several clashes between Israeli troops and Hezbollah fighters. Recently the organization had killed Israeli soldiers who were entering the Lebanese border wearing ID cards.

Lebanon-based  militant group funded by Iran. It has been launching attacks on Israeli settlements in response to its war against Gaza since the October 7 attacks when Hamas militants barged into the Israeli territory, plundered a border area, killed and kidnapped hundreds.

Hezbollah resistance movement shot down Israeli spy drone Hermes 450 in South Lebanon after it advanced to the Lebanese air space. Hezbollah released a statement confirming that the enemy drone was shot down in the airspace of the al-Aishiya area in southern Lebanon. Hours later, the Israeli Defence Forces confirmed that its Hermes 450 drone operating in the skies of Lebanon had been hit by a surface-to-air missile.


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