Grand lighting to add unique appeal to Mahakumbh 2025

Mahakumbh 2025

Prayagraj/Lucknow: In line with CM Yogi’s intention to make Maha Kumbh 2025 grand and divine, an important meeting was held with the Mela Authority on Monday under the chairmanship of Principal Secretary Urban Development, Amrit Abhijat. In this meeting, road beautification, lighting, wall paintings, installation of statues at main intersections, signage and horticulture projects in Prayagraj city were discussed. The Principal Secretary directed that all the work should be done in the same theme, high quality, cost effectiveness and time limit should be followed. He said that Maha Kumbh Mela 2025 will be a grand event and through these projects, the city of Prayagraj will be made beautiful and attractive, which will be ready to welcome lakhs of devotees.

The whole city will be rejuvenated

It was told in the presentation that under road beautification, the main roads of the city will be given a new look, in which trees and plants will be planted. Footpaths will be constructed and beautiful lighting will be installed along the road. Artworks depicting the history and importance of Kumbh Mela will be made on the walls of the city.

Sculptures depicting the culture and history of Prayagraj will be installed at the main intersections. New signage boards will be installed in the city, which will help the devotees to reach the Mahakumbh Mela site and other important places. Parks and gardens will be constructed in the city, in which trees and plants will be planted.

36 intersections will be decorated

On this occasion, the Principal Secretary informed that placemaking installations will be done at 15 places, thematic installations at 4 places, installation of statues at 2 places and two types of plantations will be done under horticulture. One seasonal flowering plants and the other plants that maintain greenery for a long time. Apart from this, 36 intersections will be decorated for Mahakumbh.

Officers of the Fair Authority, Officers of the Urban Development Department and other concerned officers were present in this meeting.


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