Froy Gutierrez Adds Depth to Terror in Director Renny Harlin’s “The Strangers: Chapter 1”

Mumbai: Director Renny Harlin brings forth “The Strangers: Chapter 1,” a slasher thriller tale of terror unveiling the harrowing encounters with psychotic killers who mercilessly prey on unsuspecting victims. With an intriguing twist, Renny Harlin intricately guides audiences through a new reboot of the series, which is now a trilogy culminating in a climactic finale that leaves hearts racing. Scheduled for release on May 31st, 2024, in your nearby theaters in India, this gripping thriller marks the commencement of a new trilogy, featuring an ensemble cast led by Riverdale star Madelaine Petsch alongside Froy Gutierrez, Gabriel Basso, Rachel Shenton, Richard Brake, and Ema Horvath. Director Harlin unveils the casting choice, highlighting Petsch’s electrifying presence and undeniable talent, positioning her as the formidable lead across all three chapters. Froy Gutierrez, known for his compelling performances, joins Petsch in driving the narrative forward, promising audiences a night of unparalleled terror as they embark on a journey into the darkest depths of fear.

Froy Gutierrez talks about his character., “Yeah Ryan is a very soft spoken vulnerable and a great guy and you know he loves nothing more than Maya and so the two of them are kind of on this road trip that goes really for the worst that I could possibly go. And yes, he kind of learned to say what he wants to say and love people the way he wants to love him. I’m excited for the people to see him and get to meet him.” Furthermore, adding to the overall experience, “ It was really important for us to make sure that the couple felt like a real couple like they’d been together for 5 years this points they’ve talked about the marriage they know each other better than anybody else does. And they kind of share a secret language and so we set down a lot we were like okay, What are some like little moments ? what are some beats that we can hit ? and it’s possible not to have chemistry with mad, she could have chemistry with a brick wall so we did 52 day’s shooting three movies and not only was she like completely in it as an actor but she was also producing and also writing and taking care of the crew and rescheduling and I just admire her so much as a producer as a leader, as an actor and it was really great to get to work with her well. He adds, “I mean I hope they have a great ride. I hope they get some thrills, some scares which I think they will. I HOPE THEY’RE EXCITED FOR CHAPTER 2 and CHAPTER 3 of this Trilogy. I know they hope they think about the people in their life they love, and I hope they think what matters to them and what things they’ve maybe not had the courage to stay quite yet but they would in other circumstances.”

Prepare to be riveted as PVRINOX Pictures brings “The Strangers: Chapter 1” in India on May 31st.


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