From London, young Pushpendra takes his shot in Hindi heartland

London: After Iqra Hasan, candidate from Kairana seat of Uttar Pradesh, Pushpendra Saroj is the second SP candidate, who has entered the political battlefield of UP directly from London. The young graduate of Queen Mary University of London has started campaigning and connecting with people across society even before the formal announcement of his candidacy. He has come here to avenge the defeat of his father Inderjit Saroj in the 2019 elections.

Pushpendra is the son of former cabinet minister Inderjit Saroj.

On completion of exactly 25 years, Pushpendra Saroj has entered the political arena as a Samajwadi Party candidate from Kaushambi parliamentary seat. He is the son of five-time MLA and former UP cabinet minister Inderjit Saroj. Pushpendra, who completed his schooling at Welham Boys School in Dehradun before moving to London to pursue a BSc in Accounting and Management, says, “The biggest issue facing the youth and the common people today is unemployment and inflation and youth participation. Politics is necessary to solve these problems effectively. I am committed to raising these issues effectively in Parliament if elected.”

Pushpendra is a big advocate of youth coming into the political field and serving the country. He said, “Unless the youth enter politics, how can they expect to bring about change? They should address their own issues and focus on areas such as water supply, sanitation, power and infrastructure development. I strongly believe in inclusivity and justice for all sections of the society, as I was taught by my father, who has played an important role in shaping my political ideology.”

Pushpendra says that politics is not a profession for him, but service to the people. SP leaders say that Pushpendra’s candidature is another indication that the party is giving preference to young leaders who are in better sync with the aspirations and problems of the youth.


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