Four new housing schemes to be launched in the capital soon

housing schemes

LDA has prepared the blueprint, these colonies will be equipped with world-class facilities

Lucknow Development Authority has fixed the compensation rates for the proposed Wellness City and IT City on Sultanpur Road, land will be acquired on the basis of agreement with farmers, land pooling and land acquisition

 A proposal will be passed in the upcoming board meeting regarding the compensation of the Mohan Road scheme, a tender of Rs 225 crore has been issued for the development of the scheme

Lucknow: The capital will soon get the gift of four new housing schemes. For this, the Lucknow Development Authority has prepared the complete blueprint. Under this, Wellness City on Sultanpur Road, IT City, Educational City (Mohan Road Scheme) on Mohan Road and Management Nagar Scheme on IIM Road will be developed. These colonies will be equipped with world class facilities and there will be super specialty hospitals, educational institutions, group housing, malls, hotels, entertainment centers, industrial areas etc. as well as greenery and water bodies in a large area. Lucknow Development Authority Chairman/Divisional Commissioner Dr. Roshan Jacob has given initial approval to the proposal prepared regarding land acquisition for these schemes.

Lucknow Development Authority Vice President Dr. Indramani Tripathi said that the authority will soon launch four new housing schemes in the capital. These include Mohan Road Scheme (Educational City), Wellness City, IT City and Management Nagar Scheme. Out of this, a tender of Rs 225 crore has also been issued in the first phase for the internal development of Mohan Road Scheme. Through which work of road, sewer, water supply, electrification and drainage etc. will be done in the scheme. A proposal has been prepared regarding the compensation for the Mohan Road Scheme being developed on the land of Village-Pyarepur and Kaliakheda, on which a decision will be taken in the upcoming board meeting. Apart from this, work is also going on at a fast pace to prepare a land bank for Wellness City and IT City.

For this, the compensation rates have been fixed and land will be collected from the farmers on the basis of agreement, land acquisition and land pooling. At the same time, talks are going on with the farmers at the level of the authority regarding the Management Nagar Scheme. Soon, on the basis of consent of both the parties, all the disputes will be settled and development work will be started in the scheme.

Mohan Road Scheme (Educational City)

Vice President Dr. Indramani Tripathi said that Mohan Road Scheme will be developed at a cost of Rs 1544 crore on 785.02 acres of acquired land of Village-Pyarepur and Kaliakheda. It will be developed on a grid pattern like Chandigarh/Panchkula. Under the scheme, Educational City will be built on 74.25 acres of land and Central Park on 42 acres of land, while there will be a water body in an area of ​​about 45,000 sqm. A total of 08 sectors will be built under the scheme, each of which will have provision for solid waste management, sectoral shopping center and separate space for vendors. Also, rotary will be developed at all major intersections, in which left-turning traffic will be given free pass. Under the scheme, a total of 2532 residential plots with an area of ​​112.50 sqm to 450 sqm will be created along with large plots of group housing.

Wellness City

Wellness City will be brought on about 1474 acres of land of village-Bakkas, Chairhiya, Chaarasi, Malukpur, Dularmau and Noorpur Behta on Sultanpur National Highway. It will be developed as a Medi City, where there will be super specialty hospital, medical college, diagnostic center along with Vipassana center and meditation center etc. Apart from this, provision has been made to shift Aminabad Medicine Market, which is counted among the busiest markets of the city, to Wellness City, for which separate plots have been planned. 60 meter to 24 meter wide roads will be developed in this scheme proposed at a distance of just 0.5 kilometer from Purvanchal Expressway, so that traffic can run smoothly. Seven sectors will be made in the name of Sapt Rishis in the scheme, in which a total of 2935 residential plots of 112.50 square meter to 450 square meter area along with large plots for group housing and commercial use will be planned.

IT City

IT City will be developed on approximately 2086 acres of land between Sultanpur National Highway and Kisan Path, which will be very useful for the people due to its best road connectivity. In the scheme, plots will be planned for Hi-Tech Technology Park, Global Business Park, Science and Engineering Equipment Zone, Super Specialty Medical Zone etc. A total of 4025 residential plots of 72 sqm to 1250 sqm area will be created in the scheme, out of which the maximum 1848 plots will be of 200 sqm area. IT City will be developed in such a way that maximum private investment is attracted. For this, 360 acres of industrial area and 64 acres of area have been reserved for commercial activity in the scheme. Also, the water body spread over an area of ​​​​about 15 acres will become the identity of the scheme.

Management Nagar Scheme

Management Nagar Scheme will be developed on a total area of ​​2077 acres of land of Village Ghaila, Allunagar Diguria and Kakauli on IIM Road. The development of the scheme will cost Rs 4500 crore. In this, plots will be created for residential use in an area of ​​about 20 lakh square meters, while plots will be created for commercial activities in an area of ​​about 7 lakh square meters. Apart from this, 14 Provision has been made for industrial area of ​​58 lakh square meters and mixed land use of 7 lakh square meters. Along with this, water bodies, green belts and parks etc. will be developed in an area of ​​18 lakh square meters.


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