Fostering a new realm in the learning ecosystem, Primebook

is a revolutionary first-of-its-kind, made-in-India Android laptop intended for students and learners across age groups. Primebook was founded by IIT Delhi alumni Aman Verma and Chitranshu Mahant in 2018. The brand has since worked with NGOs, schools and EdTech companies across geographies to bridge the digital divide in the Indian education system and deliver the right form of technology to all students. Pioneering cutting-edge technology, Primebook is integrated with the brand’s proprietary Android 11-based operating system- PrimeOS is extensively tested for compatibility with over two lakh

Android apps that can aid learning. To empower students from the ground up, Primebook’s laptop is designed to offer outstanding price-to-performance ratios, empowering every student and learner to pursue their dream career and unleash their ultimate potential irrespective of financial background and geographical location. Over the last four years, Primebook has witnessed tremendous success in the B2B category and is growing rapidly and making a great impact in the B2C and D2C category as well. Understanding the need gap in the market, the brand sought to design a high-quality laptop with a coherent user experience, allowing students across strata to commit to a learning program with seriousness, efficiency, and ease.


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