Footfall in Ayodhya’s Ramlala temple takes a beating

Ramlala temple

Ayodhya: Call it the effect of extreme heat or something else, the number of devotees visiting Ram Mandir is continuously decreasing. Last Monday, only 63 thousand people came to visit. This has also affected the donations coming to Ram Mandir. There has been a 50 percent decrease in the funds being offered to Ramlala. After Pran Pratishtha, where one and a half to two lakh devotees used to visit Ramlala daily. Now this figure has reached between 60 to 80 thousand, the same is the condition of donations coming to Ram Mandir.

Ramlala used to receive donations of about 1.50 crores every month through various means, but in May there has been a huge decrease in donations. According to information received from the sources of the Trust, donations of about 84 lakhs have been received through various means in the month of May.

Here the number of devotees has also decreased a lot. Where the number of devotees used to reach one and a half lakh on Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday, these days this number is reaching 80 to 85 thousand. Whereas on normal days 60 to 65 thousand devotees are coming.

Prakash Gupta, office in-charge of Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Tirtha Kshetra Trust, said that donations depend on the number of devotees. If the number of devotees decreases, then it is natural for donations to decrease. However, he does not deny that there has been a huge decrease in donations in the last month. According to Prakash Gupta, the number of devotees has decreased due to the scorching heat.


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