Flood pumping stations to be spruced up before monsoon

Flood pumping

Lucknow: Important meeting related to flood pumping stations held under the chairmanship of Municipal Commissioner

An important meeting was called by the contractors and public firms related to the maintenance of flood pumping stations in his camp office under the chairmanship of the Municipal Commissioner.

The Municipal Commissioner directed to complete all the work including servicing of all the 47 flood pumping stations’ Water Pumps, whether they are electric or diesel-powered, within the next one week. Along with this, instructions have also been given to clean the bottom at and around the flood pumping stations.

Harding One, Harding Two and T.G.P.S. In these three flood pumping stations, orders were given to immediately make the connection while instructing to talk to the higher officials to restart the previously disconnected electricity connection.

Along with this, the Municipal Commissioner directed to convene a meeting again with the progress.

In the said meeting, Pankaj Srivastava, Additional Municipal Commissioner, PK Singh, Executive Engineer, Flood and Sheel Srivastava, Assistant Engineer, flood along with representatives of contractors and firms were present.


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