Energy Minister calls for checking power pangs in peak summer

A.K. Sharma

Lucknow: Urban Development and Energy Minister of Uttar Pradesh,  A.K. Sharma discussed with the officials on the problems of power supply, maintenance related problems, shutdown, quick resolution in case of power disruption, overloading related problems and low voltage etc. and gave strict instructions to improve the power system. He said that all power personnel, be it officers or employees, should improve their behavior and working style towards consumers.

He directed the Managing Directors of all Discoms that the duration of shutdown should not be more than 02 hours. Also, all the Superintendent and Executive Engineers should communicate with the public representatives in their areas and get suggestions regarding improvement in the power system and take necessary action for power improvement. The public complaints received regarding electricity should also be resolved within the stipulated time.

Energy Minister  A.K. Sharma was reviewing the power system of the state at Shakti Bhawan on Saturday. He said that at present there is severe heat  wave in the state, unnecessary power cuts should not be done anywhere so that the general public does not face problems in the heat, wherever there is a disruption in power supply, it should be resolved immediately. Problems like burning of transformer, breaking of electric wires, low voltage, tripping etc. should be resolved immediately. Availability of sufficient trolley transformers should be ensured in all the discoms, so that if the power supply is disrupted, the supply can be restored soon in the scorching heat.

He directed the Managing Directors of all Discoms to take necessary steps for 24×7 power supply in the state. He said that intensive checking campaign should be conducted to stop power theft in overloaded feeders, and efforts should also be made for revenue recovery. He said that instead of cutting the connections of small defaulters, action should be taken against big defaulters. Keeping in mind the time of peak demand of electricity, ensure that electricity is not being used in their area in an unauthorized manner.

The Energy Minister said that along with power supply in commercial and industrial areas, special attention should also be paid to revenue recovery. Electricity is used the most in these areas, so it should be ensured in these areas that no kind of power theft takes place. Also, electricity dues should not be high. Said that maintenance related work and problems should be resolved only after informing the consumers about plant shutdown through various mediums in time. Shutdown should be cut for a maximum of 02 hours only.

Minister  Sharma said that it is summer season and there will be no relief for 02 months. He said that wherever transformers are burning frequently, immediate availability of transformers should be ensured there. Also, transformers should be upgraded so that problems related to overloading can be got rid of.

Minister  Sharma said that electricity storage houses are very important for smooth power supply. Electrical material is stored in these storage houses. There are power analyzers in storage houses to check the quality of transformers purchased, which should be used as much as possible.

He said that assessment billing and behavioral improvement in officers and employees is necessary, there should not be any such complaint in which any consumer has been mistreated or wrong recovery has been made, strict action will be taken if such cases come to notice.

In the review meeting, Chairman UP Power Corporation  Ashish Goyal said that a large number of power analyzers were faulty in Purvanchal and Madhyanchal. Due to which the testing of transformers was getting affected. He instructed that the Managing Director should inspect the storage houses of his place and send its report immediately. Charge sheet should be given to the Superintending Engineers in case of negligence. All the arrangements in the storage houses should be better, for this the Chief Engineer should inspect his storage houses regularly. He said that out of 19 analyzers in Madhyanchal, only 03 were working. 06 were found faulty in Purvanchal also. The Chairman said that efforts should be intensified to stop electricity theft. By making a vigilance strategy, an intensive campaign should be run in those areas where there are more line losses.

Consumers should be given bills of correct readings on time. Negligence will not be tolerated at all in this. Revenue should be collected as much as the electricity is given. For this, consumers should be contacted regularly through phone etc. to deposit the bills. Efforts should be intensified where assessment is not increasing and if there is any electricity related problem, then the senior officials should be informed about it on time so that it can be resolved quickly.

In the meeting, Chairman Goyal expressed dissatisfaction to the Managing Directors and senior officers of all Discoms for the slow progress in issuing provisional bills and directed all the Directors (Commercial) of Discoms to issue show cause notices. He also directed to identify four Executive Engineers of the worst revenue collection sections in all Discoms and take action against them. He said that we do not want to take action against anyone but if work is not done then how will the electricity system run. For this, strictness will have to be taken. In the meeting, the Chairman asked the Chief Engineer of Gorakhpur, Prayagraj (First) that why the transformers are costing more in your area.

Attention should be paid to the questions being raised. He said that wherever the assessment has not increased, notices will be sent. During the review meeting, Additional Chief Secretary Energy  Narendra Bhushan, DG Vigilance M.K. Bashal, Managing Director Production Corporation Ranbir Prasad, Managing Director UPCL Pankaj Kumar were present and all the Discom MDs, Superintending Engineers, Chief Engineers and other officers were present virtually.


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