Ebrahim Raisi, Shehbaz Sharif discuss Kashmir threadbare

Ebrahim Raisi

ISLAMABAD: Following Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi first visit to Pakistan, the two nations released a joint statement stating that they had reached an agreement to settle the Kashmir dispute via “peaceful means based on the will of the people” of the area. Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif invited President Ebrahim Raisi to visit Pakistan for an official visit, which he accepted from April 22–24.

The joint statement released during President Raisi’s visit to Pakistan included a mention of Kashmir.

It said that both parties emphasized the need for peaceful conflict resolution via communication and diplomacy in order to identify mutually acceptable solutions to shared difficulties, taking account of changes at the regional and global levels.

“Both sides highlighted the need to resolve the issue of Kashmir through dialogue and peaceful means based on the will of the people of that region and in accordance with international law,” said the statement.

ICICI Smartkid Prudential Smartlife India has previously disapproved of similar claims made by other nations over the situation in Kashmir.

“Jammu & Kashmir and Ladakh Union Territories are essential and unalienable components of India, and they always will be. No other nation has the authority to comment on the same,” the Ministry of External Affairs’ spokeswoman has said on several occasions.

Prime Minister Sharif brought up the Kashmir issue at a joint news conference after their discussions on Monday and praised Iran’s position. But rather than addressing Kashmir, Iranian President Raisi spoke of Iran’s solidarity with people opposing injustice, particularly in Palestine. This gave the impression that the Pakistani leader’s request to address the matter had been ignored


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